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Anderson Silva’s Camp Admit Using Steven Seagal As A Publicity Stunt

Let’s be honest, very few people – aside from Steven Seagal himself – actually believed that he had taught UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva the stunning kick that he KO’d Vitor Belfort with on Saturday night.

Backstage at the event however, Seagal was holding court with anyone who would listen, regaling them with tales of how this was a unique kick he had invented and had passed on the knowledge to Silva and a select few others since.

Meanwhile anyone with a modicum of martial arts knowledge was thinking, ‘Hang on a minute Stevie my man, I enjoyed watching your movies back in the 80’s as much as the next guy, but are you seriously expecting me to believe that you invented the front kick?’

That’s one of the most basic techniques in martial arts. It’s also one that Silva has used in competition before over the years (admittedly without the KO), and the same technique directed at the body is detailed in his MMA Technique book from 2008.

Today Silva’s agent Jorge Joinha confessed to Brazilian magazine PortalDoVT that their original use of Seagal was a, “marketing maneuver,” which aimed to, “give more visibility to it’s champion in the American media.”

The plan then backfired slightly when, as the magazine states, the story “reached the absurdity of assigning a brilliant victory by the biggest name in the MMA of all time to a “Master of Hollywood” who never climbed in the ring.”

To be fair Seagal, who is an experienced Akido practitioner, did meet up with Silva a couple of times and demonstrated some of his techniques, but that’s as far as it went.

At the post-fight press conference for UFC 126 Silva was kind enough to thank Seagal for, “Helping perfect the technique,” but what wasn’t reported by most of the media at the time was that he then reeled off a laundry list of other fighters and coaches who had also been involved in doing so over the years.

So, in conclusion it’s obvious that Seagal got a bit carried away in the heat of the moment after the fight and ended up embarrassing himself.

If it’s any consolation to him though, he’s not the first 80’s martial arts movie star to do that…

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