Anderson Silva’s Manager Ed Soares Reacts To Chael Sonnen Fight

Anderson Silva’s manager Ed Soares must have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions on Saturday night as he watched his charge staring defeat in the face and then suddenly pulling off a miraculous submission victory in the dying seconds of the fifth round.

Afterwards he spoke to Fight Hype about Silva’s performance.

“He showed what a champion is made of,” Soares said.  “He fought through all the adversity and through all the things that were going on in there and he stayed focused and never gave up and that’s the heart of a champion.”

In his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan the champion revealed that he had suffered damaged ribs in training prior to the bout, and Soares confirmed that was indeed the case.

He hurt his rib last Friday in sparring,” Soares recalls. “He hurt it, but he didn’t think it was hurt that bad and then Sunday morning, I had about 13 missed calls in a matter of 25 minutes. They were all from Anderson and he was calling me to tell me he was in pain. He couldn’t breathe. I took him to the hospital and they X-Rayed each rib and they noticed that it was a bit swollen, but there was no fracture. They said it was bruised ribs, but the way he reacted when they touched it and how tender they were, they said it was in the muscle as well as the bruise. I’m not a doctor, but this is just what they told us. They prescribed some Ibuprofen 800 for him because it was so close to the fight, they couldn’t do any Vicodin.”

In the pre-fight hype for the fight Sonnen targeted his verbal blows not only at Silva, but also at Soares. That came as something of a surprise to the head of the BlackHouse stable given that he felt he got on well with the fighter.

“It bothered me, man,” he admits.

The two men had notably crossed paths years earlier when another fighter under Soares wing, Paulo Filho fought Sonnen in the WEC in what was supposed to be a title fight.

“When Filho missed weight, I took Filho’s belt and sent it to Matt Lindland to give to Chael. I sent it to Matt Lindland’s house that following week just to show him that I was going to do the right thing. Ever since then I felt our relationship was good and that he respected me because of the type of person I was and I respected him.”

Regardless of Sonnen’s pre-fight antics it was Silva who got the last word with his submission victory, and Soares is apparently in no hurry to see a rematch.

“I don’t necessarily think that an immediate rematch is legitimate. It’s not like he won by decision. You got submitted, man.”


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