Anderson Silva’s Manager Ed Soares Speaks Out After UFC 112

The day after a disappointing, but ultimately successful title defense for Anderson Silva, his manager Ed Soares took time out to speak with the site about the events that unfolded  on the previous night.

Here’s the highlights of what he had to say:

  • Soares acknowledged that Silva could have been more humble during the fight, but says that Demian Maia’s pre-fight comments had left the fighter feeling disrespected.
  • He also admitted it wasn’t the type of performance that people expect from a fighter like Silva, and Silva himself now realizes that.
  • Soares did however state that after re-watching the bout last night he didn’t feel it was as bad as he did when he was watching it live.
  • According to Soares Silva blamed a problem finding his distance and range for his lackluster performance in the later rounds, and said he wasn’t trying to disrespect the crowd or his fans.
  • He confirmed that Silva and himself did have a post-fight meeting with Dana White, in which the UFC president made some valid points.¬† Soares also went on to say that, “everything’s fine,” and that they respected everyone at Zuffa including Dana White and Lorenzo Fertita.

Watch the full interview for yourselves below…


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