Andreas Kraniotakes Back In For Tim Sylvia Fight At ProElite 2

Just hours ago we reported that the Illinois Commission had denied German heavyweight fighter Andreas Kraniotakes the chance to fight Tim Sylvia at ProElite 2, citing the fact that despite being a veteran over 16 MMA bouts he had never fought in the United States before.

As we noted at the time that seemed like an odd decision, and happily it appears that others agree as it’s now been reversed and Kraniotakes will now get the chance to headline the show.

The German had earlier expressed his disappointment that what he saw as his big break was being taken away from him, so it’s good to see that common sense has now prevailed.

It’s also good news for Sylvia who doesn’t have to readjust his preparations again to accomodate a different opponent on just 9 days notice. Sylvia had originally been scheduled to fight fellow UFC veteran Pedro Rizzo before he pulled out due to injury.


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