Andrei Arlovsi Joins Alistair Overeem In K-1 World Grand-Prix

Former UFC heavyweight champion and current strikeforce fighter Andrei Arlovski will follow in Alistair Overeem’s footsteps and compete in this year’s K-1 World Grand-Prix.

Earlier Arlovski had came 3rd in a poll on the K-1 promotion’s website asking fans who they wanted to see compete in the tournament.

The final 16 fights for the kickboxing tournament which will take place on October 2nd were released today and show Arlovski paired up with the Romanian Raul Catinas who holds a kickboxing record of 12-3 with seven of his wins coming by knockout.

It’s a curious move for Arlovski who’s gone on a three fight losing streak in MMA competition recently, two of those by KO.

Making his kickboxing debut in a tournament he has little chance of winning against some of the most dangerous strikers on the planet doesn’t seem like the obvious solution to his problems, but you certainly can’t question his fighting spirit.

Meanwhile Overeem faces a tough draw against Australian Ben Edwards who is currently 31-8-2 and holds an impressive 29 of his wins by knockout.  Overeem reached the final of the tournament last year, but was then KO’d by Badr Hari.

The tournament also features K-1 stars like Jerome Le Banner, Semmy Schilt and Peter Aerts, but will not include Badr Hari.

Here’s the full rundown of the final 16 fights for the grand-prix.

  • Jerome Le Banner (France) vs. Kyotaro (Japan)
  • Semmy Schilt (Holland) vs. Hesdy Gerges (Egypt)
  • Ewerton Teixeira (Brazil) vs. Peter Aerts (Holland)
  • Errol Zimmerman (Curacao) vs. Daniel Ghita (Romania)
  • Gohkan Saki (Turkey) vs. Freddy Kemayo (France)
  • Andrei Arlovski (Belarus) vs. Raul Catinas (Romania)
  • Ruslan Karaev (Russia) vs. Tyrone Spong (Suriname)


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