Andrei Arlovski Angrily Denies That He Is Going To Retire

After suffering his third knockout loss in four fights last weekend in the quarter-finals of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament many observers suggested that it may be time for Andrei Arlovski to consider retirement.

It quickly emerged that even backstage at the event Arlovski was already making it clear that was not going to happen, and in a new hour-long Q&A session with fans this week he laid down his thoughts on the matter in no uncertain terms.

“Absolutely f*cking not am I going to retire, I’m going to do everything possible to come back to the top. I know it’s going to be hard, I know it’s going to be very difficult for me, but definitely I will do it,” a clearly frustrated Arlovski stated.

It seems as if it’s not just the fans and media who have been questioning his future in the sport however.

During the Q&A Arlovski reveals that one of his trainers had talked to him about hanging up his gloves.

“One of my trainers, I don’t know why he said this, – maybe he’s concerned about my health – he said he doesn’t believe in me anymore…he said I should retire.”

That’s clearly not what the 32 year-old wanted to hear.

“If my trainers from Chicago are thinking that I’m f*cking done and I’m going to finish my fighting career, they’re f*cking wrong.”

The former UFC champion also reveals he fell out with his manager earlier in the week, and though he doesn’t say so specifically, it appears this was also about his future plans. He does add that they have since patched things up though.

So clearly it’s a turbulent time in Arlovski’s career, and the indication is that he might be planning to switch his training camp in the near future if his trainers don’t see eye-to-eye with him about the way forward.

Interestingly, renowned coach Greg Jackson, who Arlovski spent three weeks with prior to his last fight, appears to be one man who is standing by the fighter, and believes it’s not time for him to retire yet.

“I really learned a lot about Andrei and what we need to change and do differently,” Jackson told earlier in the week. “I don’t discourage easily. I want to go right back to the drawing board and attack what I think we need to attack to make him a better fighter.”

So it may well be that Arlovski now makes a permanent move to Jackson’s camp as he attempts to salvage his pride and return to winning ways.

Watch Arlovski’s full web chat in the video below.


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