Andrei Arlovski Reacts To His Defeat Against Antonio Silva

Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery was another event that former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski would rather forget after he picked up his third consecutive loss.

Later, In a post-fight interview Arlovski spoke with about his performance against Silva.

“It was better than my fights with (Fedor) Emelianenko and (Brett) Rogers, but obviously, I didn’t do enough tonight,” he said. “I did OK. I took his couple (of) shots straight on my chin. He hit me with a good couple of right hands and I took them.”

Arlovski’s striking display was notably below-par on the night, and included a number of fundamental errors – a fact that had not escaped the 31 year-old’s attention.

“My boxing wasn’t great tonight because I waited too much. I didn’t move to my right how I used to do, but, I guess, I (stuck) a little bit more than my last two fights with my game plan.”

Arlovski then went on to reveal exactly what his strategy had been going into the fight.

“(The) game plan was very simple: straight, hard punches and move to my right.  Obviously, I didn’t do it enough and I could have used more combinations of three, four, five punches.”

Overall it’s another setback for the fighter, but he’s not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

“I have a lot to work on.  It wasn’t my night.”

Later in the evening the fighter, who had received a warm reception from the crowd prior to the fight, left a brief message on his twitter account for his fans.

“I’m sorry I let you down but thank you all for your support as always.”


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