Another Step Has Been Taken In the Battle To Legalize MMA in New York

Mixed Martial Arts took another small step towards being legalized in the state of New York today when The New York State Assembly’s Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development committee voted to pass the bill by a margin of 16-3.

That’s far from the end of the matter however as the bill still has to pass through a further three sub-sections of the Assembly before it can officially become legal.

Unfortunately time is running out for that to happen with only seven days left to get the bill pushed through the system.

The bill has reached the assembly on two seperate occasions in the past, but has failed to make it through, but the UFC’s Mark Ratner tells MMAJunkie he’s still hopeful that this will be the year that it finally goes through.

“We’re delighted with the Senate passing and coming out of the tourism committee. We’re cautiously optimistic that this will be the year for MMA.”

Detractors of the sport such as Assemblyman Bob Reilly still lie in wait hoping to once again keep the sport out of New York though, so it still remains a tall order.


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