When Anthony Johnson missed weight by a whopping 11lbs yesterday one of the stipulations laid down in order for him to remain in the fight was that he take another pre-fight weight in today, just hours before the bout with Vitor Belfort at UFC 142.

He had to come in at no more than 205lbs, and he has now cleared that final hurdle, weighing in earlier today at 204lbs.

So Johnson can now put the matter behind him for now and focus solely on this evening’s fight, but there’s still a cloud hanging over him with UFC President Dana White saying yesterday that win or lose, Johnson’s future in the promotion will be considered after the bout.

Meanwhile it’s worth noting that after successfully weighing in at 186lbs for the contest yesterday, Johnson’s opponent Vitor Belfort is himself expected to weigh 204lbs come fight time tonight according to his nutritionist Mike Dolce.