Unusually for a fight featuring Dan Hardy there’s been no trash-talking, and his opponent at this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 24 event, Anthony Johnson reveals it’s because they are good friends.

“People are like, ‘I thought you two were supposed to hate each other,’ but dude, this is a business, you know what I mean. This is not back in the fifties where it’s got to be black against white and stuff like that. We’re boys, we joke.

Despite that fact, don’t expect ‘Rumble’ to be pulling any punches when the bell sounds on Saturday night.

“Dan, I plan on knocking you out,” Johnson tells the Brit via MMAHeat’s Karyn Bryant. “You’re my boy, but this is business.”

And for the record, he’s under no illusions that Hardy will be thinking any different.

“He plans on knocking me out too.”

Watch the full interview below.