Anthony Johnson TKO’s Charlie Brenneman With Brutal Head Kick

Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson produced an impressive display tonight at UFC On Versus 6 against Charlie Brenneman.

Brenneman wisely wanted little to do with Johnson’s stand-up and it wasn’t long before he was looking for the takedown in this fight.

Unfortunately for him ‘Rumble’ stuffed his shot and ended up taking Brenneman’s back while the wrestler was turtled up on his knees.

From there Johnson started to work some punches to the head and vicious knees to the body until Brenneman managed to shift onto his back.

The fight then shifted back to the feet and Johnson immediately landed a grazing head kick that dropped his opponent back down to his knees. Though Brenneman was able to get back to his feet he was clearly hurt and staggered backwards towards the cage, only to be met with a second head kick flush to the face that flattened him and caused the referee to call an end to the fight.

Brenneman was clearly still concious despite the brutal kick so was naturally upset by the decision, but personally I didn’t think it was too bad of a stoppage under the circumstances.

Overall this was a very good win for Johnson who smoothly navigates past a potentially troublesome opponent and as a result is now set to progress up the upper half of the welterweight ranks where some interesting fights await him.


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