The outcome of tonight’s lightweight title fight between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard left the UFC with something of a dilemma.

With the fight ending in a draw, meaning Edgar retains his title, it would have been perfectly reasonable to assume that an immediate rematch could be on the cards.

Instead they are going to proceed with their original plan, with the promotion confirming tonight that Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis will face Edgar for the title next.

While unfair to Maynard it’s easy to see why they came to this quick conclusion just minutes after the fight ended this evening.

Edgar Vs Maynard was one of the least anticipated title fights in recent memory and is unlikely to have done big business at the box office. On the other hand there’s plenty of hype surrounding Anthony Pettis following his ‘Showtime kick’ off the cage at WEC 53 in December which gained widespread notoriety even amongst the mainstream media, and therefore this is the perfect time to have him fight on the big stage.

So unfortunately for Maynard he’ll once again have to bide his time before getting another shot at the belt.  That’s something he’ll be all too familiar with having had to produce eight wins in a row before earning tonight’s title fight.