Apologies: Fightofthenight.com Downtime 29th December

Unfortunately, due to an unforseen family issue, https://mmainsight.com won’t be covering this weekend’s UFC 155 event live on Saturday night.

It’s terrible timing but I have to leave pretty much right away so don’t have time to figure out an alternative plan. Apologies to anyone visiting the site during the event expecting to find the usual comprehensive coverage of the show and it’s immediate aftermath.

Normal service should at least partially resume at some stage on Sunday if all goes well with all the results and post-fight interviews.

In the mean time I have scheduled a couple of things to be posted up while I’m away to keep things ticking over including fightofthenight’s end of year awards for 2012 so stay tuned for that.

Sincere apologies once again and enjoy the fights!


  1. Thanks for that mate, much appreciated. Feels very strange to have missed an event, but I’m currently sitting in a cafe with internet coverage so at least I’ve managed to get the results up now. I’ll hopefully be back this evening.


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