Arlovski Survives Big Shots But Loses To Silva By Decision

The big doubt over Andrei Arlovski going into tonight’s fight with Antonio Silva was whether he still had a chin after two consecutive knockout losses.

Early in the opening round we discovered that he still can take a punch as he ate several big shots and kept standing.

The fact that he was getting caught was a concern though, and surprisingly it was a lack of basic defensive fundamentals, such as keeping his hands up after throwing strikes, that appeared to be at the root of his problems.

The other surprise was that Silva was quicker and more accurate in the exchanges, and that continued to be the case throughout the fight with the Brazilian never in any real danger.

Arlovski made it through to the final bell, but the result didn’t seem in any real doubt and Silva celebrated a unanimous decision win that puts him right back in the picture in the heavyweight division.

As for Arlovski, he’s now three fights without a win, and though it must have been somewhat of a relief to have survived intact against another heavy-hitter, new doubts will now emerge over what happened to the man who at one time was one of the most feared strikers in the sport.


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