Audio Of Anderson Silva’s Bizarre UFC 117 Conference Call

Yesterday we posted a video full of Chael Sonnen’s quotes and comments from yesterday’s UFC 117 conference call.

Today, by way of a stark contrast, we offer you audio of Anderson Silva’s comments. Silva apparently decided to go the exact opposite route from Sonnen and offer little more than one word answers to the questions from the media which seemed to anger some of those present.

It’s yet more puzzling behavior from Silva who was almost universally criticized for a bizarre, lackluster display at UFC 112 against Demian Maia in which he appeared to lose interest in the fight half way through and failed to engage despite boos from the fans in attendance.

That incident got him into trouble with an infuriated Dana White who threatened to kick him out of the company if he ever fought like that again. After yesterday’s conference call, which was like a verbal equivalent of that fight, White may now be wondering whether his warning has fallen on deaf ears.

They say that actions speak louder than words though, so hopefully Silva is just waiting to let his fists do the talking on the 7th of August.


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