‘Babysitter To The Stars’ Burt Watson Confirms He’s Left The UFC

Burt Watson, the man dubbed the UFC’s ‘babysitter To The Stars’ by Joe Rogan, has officially confirmed rumors that he has left the promotion.

“After 14 AMAZING YEARS I’ve decided to step aside thank U Dana White Lorenzo Fertitta & Donna Marcolini,” Watson wrote on Twitter.

In his role as the UFC’s site coordinator he became one of the most familiar faces behind-the-scenes at their shows and even had his own instantly recognizable catchphrases like, “We roooolllin’!!!” and “This is what we do and why we do it, baby!” which would ring through the corridors at any event as he walked the fighters out of the dressing room to make their entrances.

During his long run with the promotion he became as much a part of the furniture as Dana White, Joe Rogan or Joe Silva at the UFC events and was announced alongside them at each weigh-in, so it was something of a shock when word started to spread during this past weekend that Watson had now left the promotion with absolutely no fanfare whatsoever.

While there’s so far been no official explanation for his sudden departure it does appear that some kind of a backstage dispute prompted his decision to leave, with MMAJunkie’s John Morgan claiming that Watson had been involved in an argument with a UFC employee at the weigh-ins for the UFC 184 show this past Friday afternoon.


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