Bad Blood Brewing Between Jon Jones And Thiago Silva

An increasingly public war of words is brewing early in 2011 between UFC Light-heavyweight stars Jon Jones and Thiago Silva.

Jones was watching UFC 125 on New Years Day when Silva started to make fun of his opponent Brandon Vera in the octagon, slapping him and pretending to play the bongos on his back. Apparently the 23 year-old didn’t take kindly to the Brazilian’s actions.

“Wow that slapping was so disrespectful.. id love to give him a slap in the face,” Jones wrote on Twitter after the incident.

“Man, it just kind of rubbed me the wrong way,” he would later tell MMAFighting. “It’s not something I would ever want done to me and it’s not something I would ever do to someone else.”

Yesterday Silva finally responded to Jones remarks in an interview with TATAME, and needless to say he’s not a big fan of the rising star.

“This guy is a jerk. Everybody’s a professional fighter and all fights include provocations. Brandon Vera said he’s break my legs, that I wasn’t on his level. I don’t say things, I do. You get recognized when you do things. I’m a professional fighter, but I can’t always please everybody. There’s always somebody behind the computed with a plate filled with French fries, ready to criticize you. I fight for the fans, for the money and to put my name up there. Talking is too much easy, nobody knows what goes on in your life, your trainings… I think I did my job. Who likes it, likes it, but you can dislike it if you want.”

Despite their growing feud between they won’t be stepping  into the octagon together just yet.  Next month Jones takes on Ryan Bader at UFC 126, while Silva is now being lined up to fight Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson at UFC 130 in May.

For the time being Jones is higher up the 205lb ladder than Silva, but they are both talented fighters and it’s certainly not beyond the realms of possibility that we’ll see these two resolve their differences with their fists at a UFC event in the future.


  1. Hi Memmy. You sure you’re thinking of the right Silva? Thiago Silva’s 2-2 in his last four fights (was beaten by Rashad Evans and KO’d by Lyoto Machida), leaving him 6-2 in the octagon overall.

    Technically Jon Jones has lost one fight but everyone acknowledges he should really be 6-0 in the UFC as he basically destroyed Matt Hamill before being disqualified for an illegal elbow.

    There’s a lot of talk about when Jones is going to get a title shot, but for the time being that’s not the case with Silva. A win over Rampage would be big for him though.


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