Bas Rutten And ESPN’s Jim Rome Offer Opinions On UFC’s ‘Rape Tweet’ Debacle

The rapidly escalating story in the past few days regarding Miguel Torres being fired from the UFC for posting an off-color ‘rape van’ joke and Rashad Evans inappropriately referencing the ongoing Penn State child molestation case has caught the attention of MMA legend Bas Rutten and ESPN talking head Jim Rome who’ve both weighed in with their thoughts on the matter.

Bas Rutten:

The main thrust of Rutten’s arguement is that fighters need to use better judgement when addressing their fans on social media networks like Twitter.

“u have to understand that tweets r there 4 the world 2 c. Once u make it sound that “rape” is like a fun ride or surprise, u hurt everybody who’s ever been involved in a rape, not only the victim, but parents, bros, sisters, husbands,it wrecks families apart. Stop using really bad things to make a point or be funny. Like “Hitler” can never b funny, 2 many people got hurt, don’t do it!? I bet u that when he would have a family member involved in a rape, he wouldn’t have done it. Always fit the shoe on the other foot, once u do that, u always c things better.

Oh, and the same counts of course for the Rashad comment. A beating is nothing compared to what happened there in Penn State, NOTHING. Oh, and if Torres would have realized what it would do to victims, I’m sure he wouldn’t have done it. So don’t go too hard on him, its a Joke that went wrong. If u wanna make a sick joke, do it with u’r close buddies from who u KNOW its OK, don’t share it with the world, end!”

Jim Rome:

Meanwhile Rome put Evans, who has appeared on his show in the past and is himself an analyst for ESPN’s MMA Live show, on blast for his comments aimed at former Penn State wrestler Phil Davis during the ‘UFC On FOX 2’ press conference.

“Rashad, you’ve got to be kidding me. What is that, other than totally insensitive and just dumb? Guys have run regrettable smack before. David Haye saying that his fight with Audley Harrison was going to be ‘as one-sided as gang rape’ immediately comes to mind but you, my man, might be the new standard bearer.

Look, I get that these guys are in hype mode and the blood starts to flow at these pressers. I just don’t care. You can’t say you’re going to do to your opponent what Jerry Sandusky allegedly did to these kids. Not that I haven’t done this 100 times already before but memo to all athletes — there’s certain things you cannot ever talk junk about. Ever. Keep all references to 9/11 and Hitler out of your mouths and, I never thought I’d have to say it, but you can officially add Jerry Sandusky to that list as well.

Look, I work in smack for a living. I put food on my family’s table with smack. Smack is the family business, so I know smack and that’s some of the worst smack I’ve ever heard.”


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