For the last couple of weeks Bellator have been producing encouraging ratings for their weekly live shows on MTV2, but Saturday’s event put a spanner in the works, with their audence plummeting to a season-low 132,000 viewers.

That’s a drop of 86,000 over the previous week, though it should be noted that 107,000 tuned in for the immediate replay on the station.

Still, it’s a puzzling dip given that there was no other MMA related competition being broadcast on Saturday, and the fight card was solid, with Bellator champions Joe Warren and Zach Malovsky on-board in addition to two semi-final bouts from their featherweight tournament.

The promotion will now be hoping for improved ratings this weekend which again is relatively quiet on the MMA circuit, before the following week which will undoubtedly prove to be challenging given that there will be a great deal of attention on UFC 129.

  • Bellator 35 ratings: 200,000 viewers
  • Bellator 36 ratings: 230,000
  • Bellator 37 ratings: 173,000
  • Bellator 38 ratings: 150,000
  • Bellator 39 ratings: 174,000
  • Bellator 40 ratings: 218,000
  • Bellator 41 ratings: 132,000