Bellator 57 produced another ratings slump on MTV2 this past weekend, with just 129,000 viewers tuning in for the live broadcast.

You don’t have to look far for the reason why – the UFC’s big network debut on FOX was taking place at the same time, pulling in an average of 5.7 million viewers – the largest figure in the history of the sport in North America.

The stats once again make it clear that Bellator would be better served holding their weekly events on a different night as they are consistently coming up short when going up against the sport’s biggest promotion.

Bellator Season 5 Ratings so far:

Bellator 48 ratings: 226,000
Bellator 49 ratings: 235,000
Bellator 50 ratings: 114,000
Bellator 51 ratings: 158,000
Bellator 52 ratings: 269,000
Bellator 53 ratings: 103,000
Bellator 54 ratings: 185,000
Bellator 55 ratings: 168,000
Bellator 56 ratings: 154,000
Bellator 57 ratings: 129,000