The second episode of Bellator’s sixth season took a battering in the ratings on Friday night on MTV2, with an average of just 108,000 tuning in to see the live action unfold.

That’s the second lowest rating ever for the promotion on MTV2, and down 61,000 from the season premiere a week early.

Interestingly, the dip in the numbers coincides with dismal ratings for the two other major MMA offerings in it’s new Friday night slot with The Ultimate Fighter: Live on FX dropping down to just 1.1 million viewers while ‘Ultimate Fighter Friday’s’ on Spike TV also plunged to 346,000.

Either there’s been an almost overnight decline in the interest of MMA or something else was drawing people’s interest elsewhere, and the NCAA Basketball Tournament which dominated the ratings during the weekend may have had something to do with it.

We’ll have to wait until next week to be sure though. If worst comes to worst and the ratings do prove to be along the same lines then it would be a real cause for concern for all three networks.