Bellator’s sixth season came to an end last week and unfortunately they weren’t able to go out with a bang on the TV ratings front.

Just 119,000 viewers tuned in for the final episode live of MTV2, the third lowest rating of the season.

Ironically it comes just a week after they claimed their best audience of the sixth season, with 209,000 viewers watching Bellator 69.

This continual trend of fluctuating ratings is typical of what we’ve seen from the promotion during it’s current TV deal however, and so it’s come as no great surprise.

Bellator will certainly be hoping that they can improve upon this over the rest of the year, but the reality is that they are pretty much just treading water at this moment in time as they prepare to make a fresh start over on Spike TV in 2013.

Bellator Season 6 Ratings:

Bellator 70 ratings: 119,000 viewers
Bellator 69 ratings: 209,000
Bellator 68 ratings: 169,000
Bellator 67 ratings: 165,000
Bellator 66 ratings: 109,000
Bellator 65 ratings: 163,000
Bellator 64 ratings: 175,000
Bellator 63 ratings: 140,000
Bellator 62 ratings: 175,000
Bellator 61 ratings: 108,000
Bellator 60 ratings: 169,000