Bellator 93 drew an average of 748,000 viewers on Spike TV this past Thursday night.

That’s around about the norm for the promotion throughout this season, up just seven thousand from the previous week, with an immediate replay of the show pulling a healthy 394,000 viewers.

Approaching the 10th event of the season Bellator’s ratings appear to now have established a base level around the 700,000 mark for their live shows with the ceiling being a little under a million viewers for now, and that’s pretty good going when you consider they were dwindling in the region of 100-200,000 viewers over on MTV2 prior to this deal.

There’s no question that the transition to Spike TV has been a great move for Bellator, though they’ve not yet enjoyed the level of success that the UFC did on the channel. It’s early days though so there’s certainly a good chance they can build on what they’ve achieved so far.

The kind of numbers they are seeing can only help take their existing stars to the next level and help build new ones for the future, while their upcoming reality show in the summer should also play a significant role in attracting more viewers to their live shows.

Bellator Ratings On Spike TV:

Bellator 85: 938,000 viewers
Bellator 86: 812,000 viewers
Bellator 87: 705,000 viewers
Bellator 88: 807,000 viewers
Bellator 89: 719,000 viewers
Bellator 90: 737,000 viewers
Bellator 91: 901,000 viewers
Bellator 92: 741,000 viewers
Bellator 92: 748,000 viewers