Bellator’s reality show Fightmaster drew an average of 676,000 viewers for it’s third episode on Spike TV on Thursday night.

That’s up 131,000 from the previous week’s episode and is starting to close in on the kind of numbers we were used to seeing for the last Bellator season of live events on the channel.

That’s good going considering how badly the new series started out, with only 432,000 viewers tuning in for the premiere.

We’ve often seen in the past that ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ series has dipped in ratings after the opening week, but despite a similar format it appears that Fightmaster is breaking the mold in that regard, perhaps due to an initial lack of awareness about the show.

It’s still early days though so we’ll have to see if the upward trend continues or not in the coming weeks before drawing too many conclusions.

Fightmaster TV Ratings So Far:

  • Episode 1: 432,000 viewers
  • Episode 2: 545,000 viewers
  • Episode 3: 676,000 viewers