Bellator’s fourth season came to an end on MTV2 on Saturday night, and for the second week in a row the ratings were well above average.

The Bellator 45 live broadcast pulled in an average of 264,000 viewers, and while that’s 59,000 down on the previous week, it still leaves it as the second highest ratings of the entire season.

The show also peaked with an impressive 360,000 viewers, and delivered MTV2’s highest ever ratings in it’s Saturday timeslot amongst men 18-49.

Overall it’s often been a rollercoaster ride as far as the ratings have went for the promotion’s first season on MTV2, but the important thing is that they ended on a high, and with season 5 set to begin at the end of May the hope will be that they can keep some of that momentum going into the early stages of the next set of tournaments.