In a new interview The UFC’s latest lightweight champion Ben Henderson has indicated that he would be open to the possibility of an immediate rematch with Frankie Edgar due to the close nature of their original title bout at UFC 144 late last month.

Edgar himself had called for the rematch last week on the same show, and Henderson has a certain amount of sympathy with the former champion’s situation.

“Frankie had a very tough situation. He had a rough road with two rematches right away after his title defenses,” Henderson admitted on Ariel Helwani’s ‘The MMA Hour’ podcast yesterday..

As a result he has no objections to having to potentially go five rounds with him all over again.

“I’m more than willing to give Frankie a rematch. Let’s do it. Set it up for tomorrow,” Henderson stated.

The early signals after the fight indicated that the UFC would prefer to have him take on Anthony Pettis instead, however a press conference earlier today for ‘UFC On FOX 3’ Dana White indicated that the headlining fight on that show between Nate Diaz and Jim Miller would establish the next No.1 contender.

A for Henderson, he makes it clear that he’ll simply be happy to take on whoever the UFC eventually decides is best.

“Line ’em up, one after another,” Henderson told Inside MMA in a seperate interview on Monday. “I want to compete with every single 155-pound guy on the roster of the UFC.”