BJ Penn And Frankie Edgar On ESPN SportsCenter

UFC 118 headliners BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter today to talk about their upcoming rematch on Saturday night.

Perhaps the most interesting comments came from the challenger BJ Penn, who stated in the most clear terms yet a curious new training strategy he implemented going into this fight.

“You know everybody talks about how hard they train, I rested a lot. I did a lot of resting, I rested hard. I really just let my mind relax, my spirit relax and you know, of course I get my body into shape but I see more and more gains in being happy right before you step into the octagon.”

While there is an argument to be made that Penn did look lethargic in his first fight with Edgar despite an intense training camp, it’s questionable whether a more relaxed camp this time round is the perfect preparation for a busy fighter with a proven gas tank like Edgar.

From the sounds of things Penn doesn’t believe that the fight will go the full five rounds this time though.

“I’m not out there looking for a decision. I’m going to go out there, pull the trigger and unload the clip, and I’m going to finish this fight.”

Meanwhile the champion Frankie Edgar was giving less away, but what he did say is that he’s not paying attention to what Penn has been saying.

“I really can’t worry about stuff like that, I just worry about myself. I felt good, I feel good this time around and I’m just trying to perform to the best of my ability, i can’t worry about how he feels.”

BJ Penn:

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