When Nate Marquardt announced recently that his suspension via the Pittsburgh State Athletic Commission had come about due to his use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy he received criticism from a number of fighters who believed he didn’t have a valid medical reason to be using the treatment as he claimed and was in fact simply trying to cheat the system and gain an edge over his opponents.

UFC legend BJ Penn was one of his most vocal detractors and that didn’t escape Marquardt’s attention. Yesterday he called out Penn, amongst others, for using what he described as “bully” tactics, and in an interview with MMAJunkie stated, “Eventually, I’ll get them. I don’t care if it’s in a superfight or if they want to come down to my gym. I’ll beat them up for free.”

Penn quickly got wind of that statement and appeared willing to take the exiled star up on his offer…with one condition.

“@natemarquardt I’ll show up to your gym to fight if you do a drug test every week for 3 months. Winner Keeps the video. Lmk (:” Penn wrote on Twitter.

“@bjpenndotcom how about I give u my most recent and another one now showing that it’s low and I still mop the floor with your midget head?” responded an angry Marquardt later in the day.

“What a Joke! 1 drug test? lol.. You should be tested every week for 3 months… and then we ‘ll fight. I have no doubt I will beat you if you come in natural like i have been doing my entire career.” Penn fired back.

As fun as a fight between former lightweight & welterweight champion Penn and former No.1 middleweight contender Marquardt it wouldn’t be a great idea for either fighter to actually do this behind doors given that they wouldn’t make any money and would probably get pretty beat up in the process, potentially putting at risk any forthcoming fight they may have lined up.

Unfortunately behind closed doors is probably the only way this fight will ever happen though since Dana White has gone on record as saying that Marquardt will never fight for the UFC again.

Rather than wasting energy on this Marquardt would be better served figuring out exactly where he’s going to compete next in front of a paying audience.