While out on his media tour to promote his new biography, “Why I Fight” BJ Penn
took time out to let fans on his website BJPenn.com know that he believes a rematch with Frankie Edgar is in the works.

“The UFC called us yesterday and there’s probably a rematch in the works with Frankie Edgar. Still tentative right now but it looks like they want to do the fight again so we’ll see what’s going on,” the former champion said.

Dana White has also spoken out about the fight to mmaweekly, and suggests that a rematch is under consideration.  He did however suggest that it may not happen right away.

“I’m sure there will be a rematch,” the UFC president said. “Maybe Frankie defends his title and then we do a rematch. We’ll see what happens. B.J. Penn is one of the best 55 pounders in the world. I don’t think he’s gonna go anywhere.”

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