BJ Penn Refocused Ahead Of UFC 118 Rematch With Frankie Edgar

At yesterday’s UFC 118 conference-call former lightweight champion BJ Penn appeared to be refocused and attributed that to the unanimous loss he suffered at the hands of Frankie Edgar back at UFC 112 in April.

“I think Frankie was a good wake-up call for me,” Penn admits. 

“I thought I was God’s gift to fighting. I thought I would go 100-0 with 100 knockouts. When I sit back and look at my record, I can’t believe I have six losses. It just blows me away.”

Now it seems that Penn is determined to make amends for those defeats and live up to his reputation for being one of the sports best ever fighters.

“The loss to Frankie made me step back and realize I want to fight as much as I can. … I don’t know if my biological clock is ticking or what, but I want to fight as much as possible. I want to make a push to be a true fighter, and I think I could be very active.”

“I’m 31, I have tons of experience. Of course I ain’t looking past Frankie, but I think I’m going to go on a run right here and I’m going to try to be as consistent as I can after this.”

Despite his confidence heading into the August 28th rematch Penn is now, more than ever before, that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to fighting at the highest level in MMA.

“No one is untouchable — and if they are, they just haven’t run into the right guy yet.”

Listen to audio from yesterday’s UFC 118 conference call courtesy of by clicking on the link below.

UFC 118 Conference Call audio


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