BJ Penn Talks About His New Book, His Last Fight And Wrestling A Fox TV Host

After an intense training camp and then losing your title in a controversial decision after a five round fight the last thing you’d want to do is embark on a grueling promotional tour for a book, but that’s exactly what BJ Penn has done.

In a new interview with Yahoo! Sports Steve Cofield Penn takes stock of everything that’s happened over the last few weeks. Here’s the keynotes from what he had to say…

  • Penn says he’s exhausted after doing book signings for hundreds of people at a time followed by dozens of back-to-back interviews in a row most days.
  • He laughs off the fact that he’s lost the title just as the book comes out, saying it’s perfect timing since the book is called “The Belt Is Just An Accessory.”
  • He says he wasn’t keen to do a biography of his life at first, but other people kept asking him to do it so he finally relented and is now glad that it is out and gives fans a chance to see what happens outside the octagon.
  • Penn attempts to play down any rift with Dana White over the content of the book, saying that the book doesn’t go into great detail about some rockier periods he’s had with the UFC president over the years.
  • He confirms that the UFC are keen to do a Penn Vs Edgar rematch next, with a likely date of late August.
  • Speaking of the title fight Penn says that after the fight he was just irritated that he hadn’t performed as well as he had in the past and so wasn’t paying close attention to the score-cards.
  • Finally, Penn admits to being bemused by the reaction of FOX host Brian Kilmeade in the now infamous segment on live TV where he asked Penn to show him an MMA move.  The suggestion from Penn seems to be that Kilmeade was trying a little too hard to resist him.

Overall it’s a solid interview, though it’s clear that Penn is pretty worn out at this stage.  Like Cofield I’m still surprised at how laid-back the former champion is about his recent loss.

I also felt he was a little unconvincing when trying to play down the spat with Dana White over the content in his book.  The two have been friends for a number of years though so I’m sure if there are still issues then they will be ironed out without any major drama.

Watch the full interview for yourselves below…


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