BJ Penn Wrestling FOX News Host Makes ‘The Daily Show’

Yesterday we brought you a video showing former UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn wrestling FOX news host Brian Kilmeade on live television while promoting his new biography, ‘Why I Fight’, and later on the clip appeared on Comedy Central’s hugely popular satirical program, ‘The Daily Show.’

The segment features The Daily Show host Jon Stewart making fun of the compromising position that Penn put Kilmeade in after he asked what the MMA star would do if he had to neutralize him in a fight.

As the description for the video below states, “Sacha Baron Cohen planned to put his balls in Eminem’s face, but BJ Penn wrestling Brian Kilmeade was God’s will.”

Penn has had a knack for appearing unexpectedly on national TV lately. For instance, a few weeks ago when an earthquake struck Chile, Hawaii, where Penn lives, was placed on high braced itself for the possibility of a Tsunami.

BJ began posting regular video blogs on his website in the hours before the Tsunami was due to strike, and later aired live video of the coastline. Due to his advantageous position filming from his parents house on the island Penn suddenly found his live footage being used on a host of major news sites including CNN, who even interviewed the fighter live on air.

If your in the U.S you can watch footage of Penn’s latest appearance on national TV below. UK viewers can view it from this link.

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