BJ Penn’s UFC 118 Pre-Fight Press Conference Comments

There’s no doubt that BJ Penn is now re-focused as he seeks to avenge a loss earlier this year to Frankie Edgar, and at today’s UFC 118 pre-fight press conference the former lightweight champion vowed to open some people’s eyes in their main event bout.

“I’m going to blow a lot of people away on Saturday night,” Penn stated with conviction. “A lot of people are going to be surprised by who BJ Penn is.”

Later he was asked to speak for himself on exactly who BJ Penn is. The fighter admitted he couldn’t answer that question, but he was sure of what his opponent was going to be facing.

“he’s going to see speed, he’s going to see strength and he’s going to see someone coming to finish the fight.”

Though Penn will fight to reclaim the lightweight belt at UFC 118 that has been in his possession for longer than any other fighter in the history of the promotion, he admits that he actually prefers being without it.

“I like being the underdog,”he says, before adding, “I don’t want to be known as a champion, just as a fighter.”

Later the man nicknamed ‘The Prodigy’ reflects on the constant battle he’s faced to live up to the hype that’s surrounded him throughout his career.

“At certain times I’ve lived up to the expectations and at certain times I definitely haven’t,” he confesses.

On this occasion though Penn is confident he’ll justify the pre-fight hype.

“I’m ready to perform on Saturday, I think I’ll be a 9 [out of 10].”


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