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Bobby Lashley Leaves Strikeforce: Houston On Stretcher After Loss

When Bobby Lashley walked into the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas earlier today the last thing he would have been expecting was that just hours later he would be leaving on a stretcher.

Unfortunately for the former pro wrestling champion that was exactly what happened after his unheralded opponent Chad Griggs pulled of a shock win in the opening bout of the main card with the heavily favored Lashley.

Towards the end of the second round Lashley was in dire straits, clearly close to complete exhaustion and having to contend with a gash below his left eye as Griggs continued to rain down blows.  In the end he struggled to get to his feet after the bell sounded and the referee called a halt to the fight.

After the fight Lashley was then caught on tape being carried out of the Toyota Center on a stretcher, presumably on his way to hospital for a full check-up.

Check out the footage below.

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