There’s been some debate about whether former pro-wrestling star Bobby Lashley would continue with his MMA career following a humiliating loss to Chad Griggs back in August, but during a new video Q&A he confirmed that is his intention, and that he’d still like to get a fight in before the end of 2010.

“Right now I am training my butt off,” says in a video for his own website. “I’ve been doing a lot of different types of training, I’ve been bringing people in and hopefully I will [fight again in 2010], I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  I did have a date of December 11th that I was supposed to have a fight. I don’t know if that’s going to happen, but if not I’m just going to keep training.”

Though he doesn’t say so on the video this proposed fight would not be in Strikeforce despite the fact the fighter is currently still contracted to the promotion as their final event of the year is already fully booked and takes place on December 4th.

The latest from his twitter account suggests that the fight may now be dead in the water though.

“Looks like I’ll probably be getting some more time to prepare for my next appearance in the cage… which isn’t a bad thing because it just gives me more time to really be where I want to be for my next fight. I’m dedicating my next few months to getting mentally and physically prepared to give you guys the event you are all waiting for!”

Though he doesn’t address the subject on the video rumors persist that Lashley will fight another former WWE fighter Dave Batista in his next Strikeforce appearance if and when Batista signs with the promotion. are currently speculating that fight could take place in March of 2011.

Watch Lashley’s full Q&A video below.