Bobby Lashley Vs Chad Griggs Set For Strikeforce: Houston

Bobby Lashley’s opponent for the Strikeforce: Houston event on August 21st has been named as Chad Griggs.

32 year old Griggs, a newcomer to the Strikeforce promotion, holds a respectable record of 8-1. On paper that would seem to match up well with Lashley’s own 5-o pro record, but it should be pointed out that Griggs has fought just once in a little under three years, with that single appearance, a victory, coming some 16 months ago.

So it looks like another fight that’s been set up purely to get former pro-wrestler Lashley another win under his belt.

Strikeforce have to shoulder some of the blame for weak match-making like this, but Lashley and his management also appear to be influencing the caliber of opponents that he is coming up against.

Lashley himself has stated repeatedly that he either wants to fight either Alistair Overeem, Fedor Emelianenko, or if not then he just wants to slowly continue to work his way up the ladder.  The emphasis is definitely on ‘slowly’ here considering his last two opponents were Bob Sapp and Wes Sims, both of whom he breezed through in less than five minutes, hardly breaking a sweat in the process.

On the positive side at least Lashley and his opponent have adequate time to prepare this time round, rather than bringing someone in at the last possible moment.


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