Bobby Lashley Vs James Thompson To Headline Super Fight League 3 In May

Bobby Lashley’s somewhat shambolic MMA career will continue to shuffle forward in May when he takes on James Thompson in the main event of the Super Fight League 3 event in India.

Maybe “shambolic” is a tad harsh given that Lashley is currently 7-1 in MMA competition, but that stat alone doesn’t tell the full story. Some of his recent performances have been poor and raised serious doubts over his cardio, while the standard of opposition has been dubious, including washed up fighters well beyond their prime like Bob Sapp, Jason Guida and Wes Sims.

And the problem is that there is no sense of progression here given that he’s now going to face the UK’s Thompson who managed to lose twelve times in four years at one point during his time as the heavyweight division’s whipping boy before finally scraping the bottom of the barrel and picking up a win over the hapless Mariusz Pudzianowski and then Bob Sapp at SFL 1.

Lashley should win this one, but I wouldn’t put it past him to make heavy weather of it, and even if he finishes impressively it does little to enhance his credibility.

For those interested in watching this one you’ll be able to watch it live on YouTube on May 6th via the official SFL channel.


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