Bobby Lashley’s Faltering MMA Career Hits Another Snag

With his man-mountain physique and former WWE wrestler credentials Bobby Lashley was at one stage looked upon as another potential heavyweight MMA superstar who could follow in the footsteps of Brock Lesnar.

Things haven’t quite worked out that way in reality however and his career has run into choppy waters in the last year. Today news arrives of his latest setback as Lashley has pulled out of his upcoming fight against Eddie Sanchez at Titan FC 19 next weekend due to “personal reasons.”

After bashing his way through a few also-rans at the start of his MMA career the wheels then quickly feel off when Lashley gassed in the second round of his Strikeforce fight with the at the time unknown Chad Griggs and resulted in him quitting on his stool, too tired to continue.

Lashley was then let go by Strikeforce and was picked up by the upcoming Titan Fighting Championships. While he managed to get a win under his belt against another relatively unheralded fighter in John Ott it was far from an impressive win and he again looked extremely tired in the later rounds.

Now 35, time isn’t on Lashley’s side if he wants to really make an impact in this sport, and this latest development will once again raise questions regarding whether he may be better off returning to wrestling.


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