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Brandon Vera Talks About His Facial Injuries

On Sunday night Brandon Vera’s fight with Jon Jones came to an abrupt end after he was caught with a devastating elbow to the face while on the ground that clearly had the UFC veteran in severe pain.

“It hurt man, I didn’t know what the hell it was, I didn’t know what happened…I didn’t go out,” Vera said of the injury in a new video posted on Facebook.

The fighter then went on to describe the extent of his injuries sustained during the fight.

“I went to the doctors last night, then again today and I’m going to be getting surgery on my face. The more I know about it the more I’ll let you guys know. My cheek bone and my orbital got cracked…it was just from that one elbow.”

Despite the animosity that had been brewing with his opponent in the days leading up to the fight Vera, who is currently on pain medication, took time to congratulate Jon Jones on his win.

It was a good elbow Jones, congratulations on the win.  I look forward to fighting you again one day.”

Vera also made a special mention for the UFC, thanking them for looking out for him after the fight, and he reiterated that he will be back in the Octagon as soon as he can.

“Just cos I’m down, don’t think that I’m out baby.  Soon as surgery is over I’m going to get back into the gym, start training.  I’ll be traveling and training more.  We’ll be back in their asap – A.S.A.P.  Don’t get it twisted, I ain’t going nowhere.”

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