Brazilian Fighters Still Angered By Chael Sonnen’s Comments

During his one man trash-talking campaign prior to UFC 117 Chael Sonnen managed to tread on more than a few toes, including it seems the entire population of Brazil.

If you bow in Brazil they’ll hit you over the head and take your wallet out of your pocket,” was just one of a number of Sonnen’s digs at the nation that’s produced many of the world’s best MMA fighter’s.

Two of the countries most revered sons, the Nogueira brothers also came under fire from Sonnen prior to the fight when he claimed that getting a black belt from them was the equivalent of a toy you get free with a happy meal.

As we reported recently another Brazilian Wanderlei Silva had a few choice words to say when he found himself in a car with Sonnen, telling him to respect Brazil and the Nogueira’s.

“In Brazil we have a saying, ‘You have respect, you don’t lose your teeth”, warned ‘The Axe-Murderer’, leaving Sonnen notably short of words for a change.

Footage of the confrontation was quickly posted on the net and it wasn’t long before Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira had a chance to see it.

“I loved it. I had to call to Wanderlei to congratulate him. I always get along well with Wanderlei. Whenever we train in Las Vegas, we go to his gym. Yesterday, I had to congratulate the guy, because he has the right attitude,” Big Nog tells in a new interview.

Nogueira also reveals that Sonnen has tried to make amends for his comments.

“After the fight with Anderson, Sonnen has apologized for the comments he made toward us.”

It’s clear that Sonnen’s comments still leave a bitter taste in Nogueira’s mouth though as he really opens up with his true feelings on the situation for the first time.

“Sonnen is a kid who does not know what he’s talking about, who thinks it’s cute to do this type of marketing. Sonnen is a guy who never practiced a martial art in his life. He doesn’t know what respect or leadership is. He never respected any teacher, so he said those things. He’s a guy who has no respect for anything.”

Anderson Silva, who bore the brunt of Sonnen’s sharp tongue is also still smarting as the disrespect shown to both his homeland and his fellow team-mates at Black House.

“Brazil has never disrespected anyone … All the Brazilian fighters are recognized world wide for their techniques, for our fantastic performances that we display outside and inside our country, I think we have a big history inside MMA,” Silva tells Portal Del Vale Tudo“If Chael Sonnen is able to fight today in a promotion such as the UFC, simply put, he owes that to Brazil, and simply put, to a Brazilian that created the UFC.”

Of course Silva had the last laugh during his eventual showdown with Sonnen when he made his entrance in his BJJ gi with the black belt given to him by the Nogueira’s, and then proceeded to submit the challenger with a triangle armbar.

I told Minotauro [Nogueira], “I will put him down, I will pull guard and I will submit him, because he could have talked about anyone he wanted, except you, the only people he should not have mentioned is you and your brother.”

As far as Nogueira is concerned Sonnen reaped what he sowed.

“Even with Anderson hurt and Sonnen doped, Anderson still defeated him. God is just.”

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