Brendan Schaub Wants Frank Mir For Next Fight

Ultimate Fighter season 10 finalist Brendan Schaub marked himself out as one to watch in the UFC’s heavyweight division after claiming his biggest victory yet over Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 121.

Schaub is now three fights unbeaten in the octagon and the 27 year-old is eying another big name opponent for his next fight.

“I’d love to match up with Frank Mir,” he said at the post-fight press conference. “He’s one of the stars in the division.  I think I’d give him some problems.”

He may have a point.  his quick, crisp boxing skills could give Mir problems on the feet, while his solid takedown defense would make life difficult for the former champion who’s sub-par wrestling has always left him struggling to get fights to the mat where his high-level BJJ can come into play.

The fight is a possibility, but with the way other results went last night my money is on the UFC now setting up a third encounter between Brock Lesnar and Mir instead, so Schaub may have to bid his time.

Instead I’d point to his fellow TUF 10 fighter Matt Mitrione, who’s also currently enjoying a three fight unbeaten run as a potential opponent for him, with the winner opening the door to the upper-reaches of the heavyweight division.

For now though Schaub is just happy to enjoy the moment.

“It’s definitely the best feeling I’ve had in the UFC so far,” he admitted.


  1. oh lord. a year ago i defo wanted to see the rubber match between lensr and mir but i’m not so sure anymore. if frank is gonna think too much and be so analytical like he has in his past two fights insted of just going for the kill, that outcome will be close to something like how the ufc 100 went down. he needs to be more agressive and i think franks biggest problem is himself. he posses so many tools to disable his opponent and yet it appears that he is choosing the safest approach to his game which is kinda sad to see. anyways, enough from me, lol. i like both frank and brock but hopefully this fight can wait just a bit.

  2. “I think franks biggest problem is himself.”

    Yeah, as you say seems to overthink things. The fact that he said he needed to be stronger after the Lesnar fight and bulked up to 265lbs…then got beaten by Carwin and said he needed to be lighter and quicker…then decided to try for 205lbs…then put most of the weight back on again gives a pretty clear indication of the inner turmoil he’s gone through since UFC 100.

    The other problem is that he just doesn’t respond well to getting hit. Ironically it turns out that Lesnar has much the same problem. That might just give him some confidence to let his hands go if they do fight for a third time. If I had to put money on it right now though I’d definitely be siding with Lesnar.


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