Brian Ebersole Claims Split Decision Win Over Claude Patrick

The first round wasn’t particularly action-packed with the two fighters appearing to be quite evenly matched and mostly canceling each other out.

The most meaningful moment came when Patrick seized Ebersole’s neck and hit the mat looking for the guillotine choke.

Ebersole stayed calm though, even giving the referee a thumbs up sign before eventually working his way free.

Round two was also very close and with a lot of clinch work against the cage being employed there wasn’t a whole lot going on.

Again the most notable moment came for Patrick who landed with a flurry of strikes late in the round that had set Ebersole into defensive mode.

There was a sense of urgency about Ebersole’s work in the final round as he looked to impose his wrestling on Patrick.

At first that bore fruit as he managed to get him on his back, and when he got back upright a little later he airmailed him back down again. When Patrick managed to fight back to his feet again Ebersole was then able to seize his back standing against the cage.

Patrick manages to spin into a clinch though and that marked a shift in momentum in the round as he somehow manages to get Ebersole down in the crucifix position briefly before looking for a submission, but it’s not happening.

As the final seconds tick away Patrick makes one last attempt to finish the fight with a d’arce choke, but it’s unsuccessful and so the fight goes to the judges.

For my money Patrick edged it, but only one judge agreed with the other voting 29-28 in favor of Ebersole and he claims the split-decision victory.


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