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Brock Lesnar And Shane Carwin UFC 116 Post-Fight Reactions

After a battle that lived up to the billing both the victor and defending champion Brock Lesnar, and the gallant loser Shane Carwin gave their immediate reactions to Joe Rogan.

“This isn’t about me tonight, this is about my family,” Lesnar said.  “This is about my doctors. This is about my training partners, my training staff. I am blessed by God. Ladies and gentleman, I stand before you a humbled champion…But I’m still the toughest S.O.B. around.”

Few would argue with him after his remarkable comeback after being battered and bloodied in the opening round.

“I just had to weather the storm,” he admitted. “He’s got some heavy shots. … I knew he was getting tired. Each shot was less dramatic than the other. I thought, ‘I’ll just let him go.'”

An obviously dejected Shane Carwin was next to speak, and despite their pre-fight differences, he gave the champion his dues.

“He took that ground and pound like no one else,” he acknowledged. “I f*ckin’ tightened up. My hat’s off to him. He’s a f*ckin’ champion. I fell down the mountain, but I’ll climb back up.”

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