Brock Lesnar: Countdown To Crushing Carwin Episodes 2-3

Brock Lesnar has been detailing his thoughts on his comeback fight with Shane Carwin recently through a series of videos titled ‘Countdown To Crushing carwin’ made in conjunction with one of his sponsor’s, ‘Fusion Ammo’.

The most interesting comment from the UFC’s heavyweight champion in episodes two and three of the series comes when he describes the difference in wrestling ability between the two men who both come from a wrestling background.

“I was a division one national champion. Shane was a division two national champion. I think anybody that witnesses the NCAA tournaments, and if they got to a division two tournament and go to a division one tournament – there’s a huge difference in the tournament. There’s a huge difference in the wrestling.

“Is There some division two champions who could be division one champions? A handful maybe. Is Shane Carwin one of those guys? Absolutely not.”

Check out the latest episodes below, and click here to see episode one.

Update: Click here to see the fourth and final part.


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