Brock Lesnar: Countdown To Crushing Carwin Part 4

In the final part of Brock Lesnar’s ‘Countdown To Crushing Carwin’ video series, the UFC’s heavyweight champion talks about how he deals with the week before the fight.

“On my week of the fight I just try to stay calm before the storm. I train 8-10 weeks prior to the fight. There’s a lot going on. I try to get a lot of things accomplished in those 8 to 10 weeks and make sure that your very well prepared for fight night. And so come the week before the fight, it’s just, I want to be in a spot where I know that I’ve got nothing to worry about, if I just go out and execute the things I’ve been taught to do and I know that my train has gone better than it ever has, and up ’til this point it has.

“The 10 weeks of training camp is brutal. If you can get through that, you should be able to get through 25 minutes of fighting, if you do it right. The week of the fight is staying cool, calm and collected.”

Brock Lesnar faces Shane Carwin in the main event of UFC 116 this Saturday night.

Check out the video here.


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