Yesterday we posted the first part of a media Q&A session with former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar on the set of The Ultimate Fighter 13 which began filming this week, and now here’s the second part.

Here’s some quick notes based on what he had to say:

– Lesnar says he’s, “not a TV kind of a guy,” and has rarely watched TUF or even the UFC’s own PPV events. He doesn’t intend to watch the show when it eventually airs on Spike TV – “why would I watch it, I’m living it!”

– As far as the type of antics and trouble making that invariably goes on during TUF, Lesnar says hes told the fighters he’s not their babysitter and will take a hands-off approach to it.

– Lesnar isn’t looking to show a different side of himself on TUF, saying, “you get what you see, that’s me. I don’t have another side.”

– He says that he wasn’t sure what was going to happen after he lost to Velasquez, but he’s happy to have been offered the coaching role on TUF, and the opportunity to get close to a title shot again.

Check out the full interview below…