Brock Lesnar’s future in the UFC has been open to question since he pulled out of his No.1 contender bout with Junior Dos Santos back in May after his Diverticulitis illness once again left him unable to compete.

Shortly afterwards the former heavyweight champion undertook an operation to have a 12 inch section of his colon removed, leading to further doubts about his ability to compete.

The good news however is that just a few months on from that major surgery Lesnar has now confirmed that he’s ready to begin training again and will be returning to the UFC.

“I still believe there’s a bright future in the UFC for me,” Lesnar states in a new video produced by one of his sponsor’s ‘Fusion Ammunition’ to announce his return. “My health is 100%, I feel great, my motivation is there and I want to get on the map again. I want to become the UFC heavyweight champion again, and I believe I will do that.”

So far there’s no official word on who his next opponent will be or exactly when he’ll return but rumor has it that Lesnar is keen on a third encounter with old foe Frank Mir, with the turn of the year being a likely landing spot.

Check out the full video below.