Brock Lesnar: No Decision Made On His Career Yet

After minor surgery for an unspecified intestinal disorder Brock Lesnar has now been released from hospital.  Dana White has however stated that he may still require further surgery in the future.

Lesnar’s friend and chiropractor Larry Novotny confirmed to the Associated Press that Lesnar was home and would not be making any decisions about his career until his health improved.

The very fact that there is a decision to be made regarding his future in the UFC shows that Lesnar’s condition is still serious despite the seemingly good news that he is now back home.

As we reported earlier today, White is now working on an interim title fight which suggests that even if Lesnar is still able to compete, and has a desire to do so after surgery then it will be quite some time before he is able to do so.

Meanwhile Shane Carwin has spoken out on a message-board to offer his support for the current heavyweight champion.

“I am sure most of you know I am not the leader of the Lesnar Fan Club. That being said, antics or not, he is OUR UFC HWT Champion. He beat a future Hall of Famer to keep that belt and he NEEDS our prayers and good thoughts right now … Brock has a wife, kid, and friends that depend on him to make their lives better. You do not have to support Brock and his antics but you should have respect for the human side of what is happening here.”

Carwin was originally set to face Lesnar at Saturday’s UFC 106 event, but that event was cancelled some time ago when Lesnar was believed to have been suffering from glandular fever.

Carwin is now likely to compete for the interim belt with Cain Velasquez being touted as his likely opponent.


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