Brock Lesnar On ‘Fighting Words With Mike Straka’ (Full Video)

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar recently sat down with HDNet’s Mike Straka for the ‘Fighting Words’ show for an in-depth interview.

Amongst the topics of conversation were his battle with Diverticulitis, his meteoric rise in the UFC, the ‘brand’ of Brock Lesnar, and his thoughts on his upcoming biography.

Check out the full interview below.


  1. Humble, thoughtful, imposing but reserved; these embody what most would say is a true Martial Artist’s composure. Combine these real ingredients with the fact that his first-ever mms bouts wereindeed against well-seasoned veterans and/ or powerful newer contenders (versus the more traditional trajectory of a new fighter that is facing approximately similar oppenents with respect to experience/ time in the sport) and it’s not hard to believe that this man is a fighter still gathering much steam… One generally overlooked/ undervalued aspect of his pathway through mma is the disease he faced and his recovery; many folks scoff at his win against Carwin or chuckle at his defeat to Velasquez (by the way of underemphasized truths; didn’t Cain suffer a near complete rotator cuff tear? required reconstructive surgery? got sidelined for 10 months? He just woke up that way one morning or, he was severely wounded a lá contending with the beast that is Lesnar?)– but the sickness and recuperation he experienced wouldve caused many to Fold-up and step away altogether, let alone come back and face fairly serious accomplished foes… That only happens because of something that can’t be taught to a Martial Artist. Heart/ Sheer Toughness. ( I say prepare for: Two Sandals RIP. )


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