Former UFC heavyweight champion and current TUF season 13 coach Brock Lesnar is the latest subject to come under the spotlight for Mike Straka’s ‘Fighting Words’ show this Friday on HDNet.

In a new preview taken from the interview Lesnar is asked what he seems himself doing after his fighting career is over.

Does he want to be a movie star, or a TV personality? Nope, apparently he forsees a life far away from the public eye.

“I’m planning my retirement every day. My heart and soul is on the farm. I got two young boys and a young daughter and a beautiful wife at home that I just love to be around and I want to raise my kids and just be Joe “Farmer” Jones and if I can spark some other opportunities along the way. But that’s really who I am, when it comes down to it, I’m just the kid from Webster, South Dakota that thinks he’s the meanest S.O.B. on the planet.”

Watch Lesnar talk about his plans for the future in the clip below.